Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to ZaidSwoosh!

I want to have a blog that is dedicated to sharing juicy learning resources and ideas in daily 'swoosh' chunks (1-3 short posts every working day). Also, I am trying to create a juicy learning 'swoosh' blog that can actually attract more Asians to explore, especially South-East Asian educators. If you look at the diagram below, you will know what I mean.

Also, due to my enjoyable but time consuming work commitments I will not have the time to write those long mambo-jumbo deep reflective and annoying posts that I could afford to in the past. However, I will still write them during Saturday or Sunday mornings perhaps 1-2 times a month, so don't give up on ZaidLearn :)

I like to keep ZaidLearn for more 'article' like posts (1000 - 5000 words, the boring stuff!), whereby I reflect (80%) and add some spice or fun (20%). However, with ZaidSwoosh, it will be 80% juice and fun, and then 20% reflection. So, those used to ZaidLearn and long juicy boring stuff, will continue to have it that way.

However, if you want a more 'Swoosh' kind of resource and idea learning spam experience, I would strongly recommend that you subscribe to ZaidSwoosh also.

My Twitter will of course be updated automatically with all my posts from ZaidSwoosh. However, after using Twitter for several months, I just found it too restrictive for sharing resources and ideas in terms of size (limited to 140 characteristics) and smashing the stuff in a creative way.

Although, I am sure we can use some 3rd party applications to do that, but in essence Twitter is just text upon text (at the moment), which allows for no creative way of presenting it. No wonder, many people, especially today's teens find Twitter lame, boring and no additional value to what they are already using (e.g. Facebook).

Delicious is cool, but it is limited to sharing links (URLs). However, sometimes I just want to share an idea (that has no link). My brain is bombarded with new ideas every day, and I know with many of them I will probably never have the time to act or create value from. However, if someone out there can, or work on them further, then that would be cool.

Let's face it, people like me don't become entrepreneurs, but that does not mean we can't make some big bucks (in other creative ways) :)

ZaidSwoosh will hopefully be too juicy and annoying to ignore. Besides, all the learning juice, fun and ideas, it will set out to annoy some of the other top bloggers out there. Sometimes the big egos (if they are) out there need a small wimp (like ZaidSwoosh) to give them a wakeup call, and remind them that maybe they are not so great after all. Hopefully, they enjoy a bit of constructive and annoying criticism. If they can't be a sport, then too bad!

If they challenge me back, then thanks for acknowledging this blog's existence, and generating more hits, and helping ZaidSwoosh to climb up the Google ranks. Also, hopefully it will generate a lot of discussions, reflections and deep learning. Learning and fun are inter-twinned, so let's make the most of it. Personally, I learn fastest with In-Your-Face criticism. It's so refreshing :)

First of all, I am not an academic! I am a Learning Professional only. Apache!

Why not! Alright, I am not a basketball player, but I do shoot some hoops once a while. If you really want to know, I used to be a Footballer (That would be soccer player to Americans!). And besides slam dunking (if you are able to. Try a 8-foot rim instead, and get the feeling!), shooting a ball through the basketball rim, and just generating a swoosh sound (no rim, just net), is an amazing feeling (at least for me). Every time I swoosh a ball through the net, it just feels great.

In other words, I want this blog to swoosh you with great learning resources and ideas, in small chunked sizes in a creative way.

Enough questions! Let's ZaidSwoosh!

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