Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 ALT conference - 11 Mind Awakening Video Lectures Right Here!

Here are the 11 mind awakening video lectures from the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) conference, for those that need direct contact with the juice to be inspired to view (click on their names!):

  1. Michael Wesch - Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University, USA: Mediated Culture/Mediated Education (running time 65 minutes).

  2. Martin Bean - Vice Chancellor designate of the Open University (running time 53 minutes).

  3. Terry Anderson - Professor and Canada Research Chair in Distance Education at Athabasca University, Canada - Canada's Open University (running time 66 minutes).

  4. Heather Fry - Head of Learning and Teaching, HEFCE Enhancing learning and teaching through technology: a policy view (running time 24 minutes).

  5. Diana Laurillard - Professor of Learning with Digital Technologies at the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education: Evaluating learning designs through the formal representation of learning patterns (running time 35 minutes).

  6. Matthew McFall - Learning Sciences Research Institute and School of Education, University of Nottingham: Boxes of Learning Delight and Cabinets of Curiosity: Working with Wonder for Wonderful Learning (running time 30 minutes).

  7. David Kennedy - Director and Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning Centre, Lingnan University, Hong Kong: Creating learning environments that are both teacher and student centred, simultaneously: opportunities and issues (running time 31 minutes).

  8. Richard Noss - Co-director of the London Knowledge Lab: Mapping the Grand Challenges for Research in Technology-Enhanced Learning (running time 29 minutes).

  9. Vanessa Pittard - Director of Evidence and Evaluation, Becta: Becta Research: Young People, Schools and Technology-Supported Learning (running time 33 minutes).

  10. Aaron Porter - Vice President (Higher Education) of the National Union of Students (NUS): A student perspective on institutions use of technology to enhance teaching & learning in the 21st century (running time 29 minutes).

  11. David Price - Co-founder of Debategraph: Thinking deeply together (running time 28 minutes).
Speechless! WOW! Let's get busy viewing, reflecting and learning :)


  1. Zaid,

    Thanks for picking up on this.

    We will be updating this page

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