Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free Internet Libraries

Walter Antoniotti has collected tons of free Internet learning materials for students, teachers, and professionals. The result has been about 50 Free Internet Libraries that receive close to 60,000 unique visitors per month from over 200 countries. They contain free books, notes, study aids, and career information for many business areas.

He is also the author of the free Quick Notes Learning System books series, creator of textbooksfree.org and President of 21st Century Learning Products.

A learning resource treasure! However, it would be cool if he could also add a search function (Use Google Custom Search), a comments section (forum, ratings, poll, or survey), RSS feeds, and spice the design a bit up. Perhaps a few stimulating visuals, at least a light, easy and juicy banner would be smokey. I suppose if he does, he can add another digit to his yummy 60,000 unique visitors per month :)

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