Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zenhabits Comments Section is Brilliantly Annoying!

A few weeks back Zen Habits (Leo Babauta) posted a reasonably good piece entitled 'Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head' that got tons of attention around the world. This not so bad blog, is also the Number one Productivity blog in 2009 (whatever that means!), according to this top 50 list.

When I tried to comment this reasonably good piece, I was first rejected accusing me of using some form of firewall. Then when I posted a second time, I was accused of spamming, and that it had already received my comment (I tried later, and the same crap happened!). But in the end, I never got to see my comment there.

So, here is my not so brilliant comment:

"Dear Leo Babautas,

Interesting article. Nothing new, though! A lot of people are writing in your direction these days, except you write with more emotion and fun than most (in addition to stimulating our mind of logic), which of course attracts more readers.

Although, I believe in more freedom in learning (which is kind of kicked out of most schools today), I believe that young kids should get some directed self-learning, and then as I they get the basic learning literacy skills such as reading, creativity, mathematics, science and IT (learning) skills, they move into a more self-directed learning mode (where freedom to learn whatever they want gradually increases).

In short, It is a bit naive to expect that all 5 or 7 year old kids to know what is best for them in terms of learning (whatever the future outlook might be), so self directed learning (meaning that for example they might choose the materials to explore, but we give them specific learning activities to direct them), but then gradually move into a self-directed mode as they grow older. There are ways to nurture curiosity, exploration and learning fun, while directing them to achieve certain learning outcomes that will be relevant no matter what the future might be.

To inspire students to learn, a good lecture might do the trick, and here is an article I wrote, which might be of interest:

Although, lectures have been one of the culprits of the old school, I believe it could be the link to the new school, if we use them appropriately :)

Have a great day rediscovering the power of the lecture :)


I suppose my comment was not brilliant enough for Zen Habits. I am still learning :)

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