Thursday, October 1, 2009

The E-Learning Debate at The Oxford Union

Via Jane Hart

"The Oxford Union is Britain's second oldest University Union (Founded in 1823) and has gained a worldwide reputation for the cut and thrust of its debate, proving a valuable training ground for many future politicians from Britain and other countries.

This afternoon Epic is hosting a debate there on the future of learning and in particular what part e-learning will play in the development of the important skills of tomorrow.

The motion is "This house believes that the e-learning of today is essential for the skills of tomorrow."

Two of the speakers are:

  • Professor Diana Laurillard, Chair of Learning with Digital Technologies, University of London. Previously, Head of the e-Learning Strategy Unit for the UK Government, and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for learning technologies and teaching at The Open University.
  • Dr Marc Rosenberg, Management consultant and leading expert in the world of training, organizational learning, e-learning, knowledge management and performance improvement. Author of numerous books and papers.
I am sure that a number of the 300 invited people will be tweeting about it. But to keep up to date with what is happening, follow @elearningdebate. And for realtime results at Twitter go here"

Instead of babbling about whether or what part of e-learning will play in the future in terms of appropriate skills development, why not discuss instead how we can nurture collaborative e-learning environments that are more effective, enabling us to transform the way we learn, and educate and learn from the whole world in an inspiring way. Now we are talking :)

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