Friday, October 23, 2009

EDGE - Watch Great Minds Think-Out-Loud!

"The Edge Foundation community is a circle, mainly scientists but also other academics, entrepreneurs, and cultural figures. Edge's long-form interview videos are a deep-dive into the daily lives and passions of its subjects, and their passions are presented without primers or apologies. The decidedly noncommercial nature of Edge's offerings, and the egghead imprimatur of the Edge community, lend its videos a refreshing air, making one wonder if broadcast television will ever offer half the off-kilter sparkle of their salon chatter."

A lot of mind-boggling minds and ideas to watch and reflect, but I got to say that the site itself needs some beefing up. Especially, the web design and navigation is truly annoying. Also, a few more interactive features would be good.

Yeah, forget comparing yourself to broadcast television (who cares!), and focus instead on making the site more interactive and user-friendly. Know your real competitor (A few real ones here)!

Anyway, there are some sizzling brain stimulating videos on this site, and that is why it has been swooshed here :)

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