Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Insidious Pedagogy: How Course Management Systems Affect Teaching

Via Stephen Downes

"But lo! men have become the tools of their tools." — Henry David Thoreau

Lisa M. Lane

"Course management systems (CMS), like any other technology, have an inherent purpose implied in their design, and therefore a built–in pedagogy. Although these pedagogies are based on instructivist principles, today’s large CMSs have many features suitable for applying more constructivist pedagogies. Yet few faculty use these features, or even adapt their CMS very much, despite the several customization options. This is because most college instructors do not work or play much on the Web, and thus utilize Web–based systems primarily at their basic level. The defaults of the CMS therefore tend to determine the way Web–novice faculty teach online, encouraging methods based on posting of material and engendering usage that focuses on administrative tasks. A solution to this underutilization of the CMS is to focus on pedagogy for Web–novice faculty and allow a choice of CMS."

Insidious Pedagogy: How Course Management Systems Affect Teaching

Flush Blackboard down the toilet, and use Moodle instead (until a better one comes around!) for online facilitation and learning!

But, I don't have a server or an IT team to support me? Use Moodlerooms then (or other hosting alternatives)!

But I am a stingy goat, and don't want to invest a single cent (Except my time!). Please, show me an excellent free CMS alternative that includes a web-conferencing tool? Try Sclipo!

Don't complexify simple problems :)

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