Friday, October 2, 2009

Nobel Prize Winners Video Lecture Search Engine

Via Rich Hoeg
The Nobel Prize is the top honor one may be awarded for scientific research or humanitarian work. Recent years have seen a significant number of Nobel Prize Winner Lectures become available via web based video. Given these lectures are found upon many diverse web sites, the Northstar Nerd decided such an important knowledge domain should have it's own search engine.

Nobel Prize Winners Video Lecture Search Engine

Or use the search box below to try his new Nobel Knowledge Search Engine.

Cool! Actually, you can also easily create your own search engine that searches only the sites that you choose. The one above, was created using Google Custom Search! Interestingly, I used the same tool to create a Open/Free Educational Resources Search Engine more than one year ago. I am not kidding, it is really easy-to-learn and use. You can do it :)

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