Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Tips on E-Learning From Kineo

Via Cammy Bean

Not only is Kineo a great e-learning company, it is also a company that shares a lot of swoosh delicious e-learning stuff on their website. Besides their E-Learning top tips series, they also share case studies, reports, articles, audio interviews, etc., which could surely swoosh some relevant and useful ideas on how we can spice up our e-learning worlds (for free, except our time!).

How to become a great e-learning company? Share your swoosh delicious juice, and people will discover you, and if you are really good... They have seen your work, they trust your excellence, and obviously they want to invest in your services and products! The rules have changed from the old '(Hoarding) Knowledge is Power!' to 'Sharing Knowledge is Power!'

Wake up to the new world sharing order :)

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  1. Thanks, Zaid! We love the swoosh and we do love to share.