Friday, November 20, 2009

Imagine a World of Holographic Learning!

Via This Article

Musion TelePresence Launch - Berlin from Musion Systems on Vimeo.

"It isn't a hologram, it's a virtual image...But it looks like people's expectations of a hologram."
- Ian O'Connell

Whatever it is, it reminds me that the Spock or R2-D2 holographic who-ha, might become a daily reality much sooner than most of us realize. Imagine having a keynote speaker presenting holographically to 100 locations at the same time.

No, imagine a MIT or Harvard Professor facilitating a learning session to a group of people living in a tiny village in 'Kuku' land (and to another 1000+ locations at the same time!), and actually doing it in his bedroom from his holographic launch-pad. A nice enhancement to today's web or video conferencing.

Just imagine a new holographic learning world, where we can teleport to anywhere within a blink-of-the-eye.

It costs a bomb today, but within a few years, I am pretty sure we will be having it on our mobile device ... Let's just imagine (no harm in that!) :)

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