Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twitter Lists Vs Google Reader! Why Scobleizer?

Have you tried Twitter Lists yet?

Twitter Lists is a great way to organize the people you follow (e.g. Learning Kings) and discover new and interesting accounts. For sure! Also, hopefully it will slow down the 'Followers' mania to beef up ones image, which is especially apparent in marketing gurus, social media giants, gurus (of whatever!) and all the Twitter make me rich and famous scams (Look who's talking)! But then again, I am pretty sure, Twitter Lists will experience it, too.

How many Twitter lists are you on?

Can't wait to see all the innovative Twitter scam dudes guaranteeing you to be listed many times to beef up your image. Who cares! Apparently some do!

Anyway, let them rock-and-roll! Twitter lists is a great learning/discovering tool to organize your favorite people into relevant categories (or tags), enabling you to scan through for tailored learning juice.

But, should I give up my Google Reader for Twitter Lists?

First, Twitter seems to be a bit slower now than before (probably going to get worse!). Google Reader is only really slow if you want to RSS too much! Unless you are Robert Scoble, just RSS what is really necessary and everything is going to be alright.

But, Google Reader might not pick up trends as fast as Twitter Lists. True, but usually your feeds (unless you are RSS-ing Twitter dudes!) are more filtered and reflected in Google Reader, meaning that you might actually discover it or that (whatever it might be!). Unless you have tons of time, for sure you are going to miss out on a whole lot of delicious chicken on Twitter Lists, but in the meantime you might also discover why King Kong eats bananas only for breakfast.

If you are a trend hunter, then Twitter Lists will probably pick up the news faster than Google Reader. But as I said, there is a lot of crap streaming through Twitter (Lists), which might blur you away from great stuff, but that is probably more unlikely in Google Reader.

I suppose I can go on Scoble, but why not... Clean up your mess in Google Reader (filtered and juicy), so that it runs fast again (or Google, make it light and easy)! List or follow all the trends (junk) in Twitter, and get the best of both worlds. Let's face it, I would rather open an article or blog post in Google Reader, than click on a link in Twitter, and then go to the actual site. Annoying and time consuming! I suppose it is because my Google Reader still runs fast, and I certainly don't have problems with the interface (or user-friendliness).

I suppose again we all have our own preferences! As long as you get to what you want (efficiently!), then great! In short, why not use both to great effect :)

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