Thursday, November 5, 2009

UK's Higher Education Blueprint to Become a World Class University

Via Stephen Downes

The higher education blueprint (click above) by Higher Ambitions, sets out a course for how universities can remain world class, providing the nation (United Kingdom) with the high level skills needed to remain competitive, while continuing to attract the brightest students and researchers.

Click here to read a nice reflective summary by Derek Morrison. Unless you want to read the full report, start with the Executive Summary (1.7MB). Interestingly, the executive summary weighs literally more than the Full Report (1.1MB)! Now, that is unusual (and innovative). Though, according to page count, the Full Report (120 pages) knocks out the Executive Summary (20 pages) big time. Difficult dilemma! Your call! Be serious...!

Just read, learn, reflect, and swoosh out the gems from the report! Although, it is tailored to beefing up the higher education world in UK, I am 99.995% certain we can all learn something very valuable from it... Reading now :)

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