Thursday, December 31, 2009

Benefits Of Anything Under The Sun!

"In this is era of information over loading; an average person is heavily bombarded with too much information. As part of our effort to provide the most basic information in an uncluttered manner, we launched The site contains articles that explain the benefits of various things and actions we are familiar with."

You might also want to follow them on Twitter, too (Even less information overload!). Their articles are short, concise and relevant! Not bad! Here are few tasty ones to get you started:

That is great, however wouldn't it even be better if each article also discussed the side-effects/negatives/cons/weaknesses/etc. besides the benefits to get a more balanced view of various things and actions we are familiar with. Exploring both sides of the story would be great, and it could still be short, relevant and crispy.

Yes, what are the potential side effects of University education? :)

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