Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Top 125 Workplace eLearning Posts of 2009!

"The Top Posts as defined by
Social Filtering - meaning by everyone involved directly or indirectly in eLearning Learning. You can see more detail of how this works here in Curator Editor Research Opportunities on eLearning Learning." - Tony Karrer

So, how did ZaidLearn do?

No. 6.
75 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your Course! (Actually, 99 Free EduGames!)
No 26. ZaidLearn: Use Bloom’s Taxonomy Wheel for Writing Learning Outcomes-
No 34. The Secret Recipe to Delivering World Class Lectures
No 40. Any Free Hosted CMS or LMS? (Yes, Obama Says!)
No 45. Your Top 10 Videos (That Inspire Us To Rethink The Way We Learn)?
No 65. The Juiciest Learning Professionals on Twitter?

Not bad! Six (6) ZaidLearn posts made it on the Top 125 list (or top 65!) . Ironically, Moodle is an Airport, Not a Total Solution! did not make the list, although it is probably the post that has made most who-ha the last couple of months (If it had been posted earlier in the year, I am pretty sure it would make the list). Anyway, since they are using social filtering and some auto-calculation formula, I can't complain. Actually, I am just thrilled to have a few posts on the list!

Anyway, enough about ZaidLearn! This Top 125 list will provide you a social filtered collection of useful and valuable e-learning related blog posts that came along during 2009 (including December 2008).

What about ZaidSwoosh posts? It is not registered on eLearning Learning! If it was, it would probably be too swoosh-delicious to be considered :)

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