Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100 Free Ivy-League Lectures You Shouldn’t Miss

Many top schools across the country are beginning to share their classes online free of charge. Luckily, that allows curious students to have access to a slice of an Ivy League education without paying a dime. Many of these courses provide video or audio lectures just waiting to be seen and heard. Whether you are looking to supplement your current education or just addicted to knowledge, these are sure to please.

Besides this great collection, you might also want to check out this masterpiece (it feels good to praise your own work! But, I could say it stinks, too. You decide!):

Here you will find tons of great lectures, and lists of great lists (including the one above), and most importantly a recipe to transform you into an Ivy League lecturer that inspires. But to inspire, you must first be inspired yourself :)

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