Thursday, October 15, 2009

Educational Uses of Second Life

Via Karl Kapp

You are using Moodle as your LMS/CMS/PLE/VLE (or whatever!), and want to integrate your Second Life Adventure into it. How? One word: Sloodle

Cool! But, I want an awesome blog that explores Virtual Immersive Worlds (and Second Life) to inspire me to make it happen? Kapp Notes (Karl Kapp)

Cool! But, are there any papers, articles or sites that discusses all the failures trying to use Second Life for educational purposes (especially for tertiary education)? I have heard of Second Life failures, or students screaming that it is lame and boring (No action!), and it would be nice to learn or avoid past mistakes in trying to transform dull online learning environments, into immersive and engaging ones.

Please, help me out here! Already struggling with the first life, and now we have to think about the second life, too :)

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