Friday, October 16, 2009


Most of the Toolkit is designed for academics who are interested in finding and using OER (Open Educational Resources) in the courses they teach, or who wish to publish OER that they have developed. Some sections are aimed at institutional decision-makers and academics that interested in setting up a more formal OER project. These projects may start with just a few interested academics but, as they grow, institutional policies, funding and legal constraints become more relevant. Individuals who are not aiming to set up a institutional project may nonetheless be interested to read the whole document. Likewise, institutional planners, IT staff or librarians who are interested in setting up an OER project would benefit from understanding the academic's perspective.

The OER toolkit explores the following topics:
  • Background to Open Educational Resources
  • The Emergence of Open Education
  • Copyright and Open Content Licensing
  • Finding and Using Open Educational Resources
  • Creating and Sharing OER
  • Establishing Institutional OER Projects
  • Setting Up Your OER Project

It would be great to see a few Malaysian Universities also getting involved with creating and sharing OER. Is it happening? Or am I just dreaming :)

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