Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Tools for Personal Learning (Stephen Downes)

Delivered to MEFANET 2009 Conference, Brno, Czech Republic, via MVU Videoconference.

In this presentation Stephen describes how new technologies are being designed in order to adapt to a rapidly changing and complex world. In this picture, learning is not a matter of knowledge acquisition and memorization, but rather, personal development in such a way that we become able to navigate and work with this knowledge and content in the same manner, with the same capacities, as the expert. This is a type of learning that is based on the creation of tools that support a mesh network; this network, in turn, supports the conversation and interactions that foster the development of an expert character.

The presentation even includes one of ZaidLearn's most popular (and useful) posts:


Thanks for a stunning presentation, and thanks for the mention :)

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