Monday, November 30, 2009

A Podcasting Mini-Guide (Jeff Cobb)

Via Jeff Cobb

Topics covered
  • Setting up the Web site for the podcast
  • Creating the RSS Feed
  • Recording the podcast
  • Mixing and editing
  • Hosting the audio files
  • Budgeting for a podcast

This guide is meant to provide details about how Jeff Cobb and Jim Thompson produce and distribute the Radio Free Association podcasts, a bi-weekly series they do for professionals in the association world. This brief and easy-to-digest guide provides you basically a set of tools and brief explanations (case study) on how you can get your podcasting world going! There are many ways to go about podcasting, but surely we can learn from Jeff Cobb's podcasting approach and adventures.

While your at it, you might want to also swoosh Jeff Cobb's 10 Killer Content Sources for Your iPod Learning Mix.

will hopefully be the year that podcasting becomes part of my learning sharing portfolio
, so thanks Jeff for sharing your swoosh-delicious podcasting juice :)

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, Zaid! I look forward to hearing your podcasts in 2010. - Jeff